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The firm Barceló Abogados is born as a professional project of Teresa Barceló with the aim of providing high quality advice on Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition and related areas.

The field of Intellectual Property is becoming more relevant nowadays, as companies are aware of the importance of protecting their trademarks, creations and inventions that can become their most valuable intangible assets. This field is interconnected to other areas of that require a deep understanding for their identification and resolution (Advertising Law and New Technologies Law among others).

Teresa Barceló, founding partner and the firm's Director, is a lawyer specializing in the area of industrial and intellectual property for over 20 years. She has led the Department of Intellectual Property at a prestigious national and internationally renowned law firm for 13 years in Barcelona, Spain.

Barceló Abogados has a team of lawyers specializing in Industrial and Intellectual Property, as well as an elite network of partners. Together they can offer their clients the high estreliability in the technical field in matters that require experts or professionals from outside disciplines in order to have the best choice for a given issue. In these cases, the firm coordinates everything to achieve the most efficient and quality results.


Barceló Abogados is launched as a boutique law firm with expertise in Intellectual Property whose main foundation is to provide the utmost legal rigor in a trusting and personalized manner at a reasonable cost.

Working closely with the client is of utmost significance to this firm in order to have a deep understanding of the client's business interests and, consequently, to determine the most appropriate legal strategy.

Efficiency and honesty towards the client are also principles found in the firm's philosophy which enable a high level of client satisfaction.

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